Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Working with Bump Maps

I have been working on bump mapping my scene to give it the old grainy, musky look. To do this i will be combining the lighting and textures to get the effect i want.

Wall Texture

I found an awesome website which has plenty of high resolution images of walls, brick, wood, water, stone ect. So i came across this ruined brick photo and though to give it a test with the bump mapping.

So taking my uv snapshot and applying the brick texture over the top in another layer in photoshop.

Until i came out with with a covered uv snapshot like the above picture.

But when i applied the bump to the object, i realized i needed to re UV map the wall so that the bit on the far left matches up with the whole right section. This is so i can have clean textures with no seams, and when i come to put my prophecy on the wall all will hopefully work well.

I then went to deleted the window looking space from the bump map which covered the prophecy stone section.

Somewhere along sorting out the textures my bump map moved and i had missing patches of the bump texture. Which i thought if i used this in the right way and combined it with another bump i could get a look where the brick has been chopped away.

Just having a VERY quick play around here and i didn;t match the sections up perfectly, i had just tried to add the wall as the texture underneath the bump. Then i thought to get on with all else that needed to be done.

So in the end i worked out where the prophecy space needed to be and just bumped the rest of the wall.

I think this brick works really well for the look i talked about, the two photo's below were taken at Rochester Castle but unfortunately the resolution of the image was too low to work with.

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