Saturday, 27 February 2010

Lighting Test Moon

Ok so i wanted to try lighting the main scene but the file i got off same keeps crashing, so i tried the moonlight lighting on my scene so i can see what it will look like. I can control the colour by changing the temperature (The higher the number we go blue.. the lower the number we're orange/red), and the time of day by the intensity (the lower the number darker the scene, the higher the number the brighter the scene)

Temperature 12000, Intensity 0.5

This is great for a cloudy dark night scene.

Temperature 4000, intensity 1

This is a nice sand stormy morning look

Temperature 12000, Intensity 2

This is really nice blue, and the shadows are cast well over the mosaic

Temperature 12000, Intensity 8

This is like a sun burnout shot which could look nice as a transition between castle in the olden days, or like a ghostly feel, where we see arthur snapshots burn in and out.

So here we are with a shadow and the beginning of the light for the fire

from the experimentation with the fire, i decided to see what the scene would look like with the moonlight and firelight combined, i'm loving how half the scene has been lit by the directional light, and the other by the volume light on the fire in orange.

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