Friday, 5 March 2010


My overall evaluation of this project is that for my work personally i am satisfied. Although i believe i could have pushed myself further, i like to come out at the end of term and think that i've come out with something i'm proud of.
I think that it wasn't a big help that we lost two or three weeks due to weather and we didn't even have a full team until the fourth week in the project. So the group kept on evolving and changing ideas until time crept away until we had nothing concrete and pretty much went in a circle of a Templar or King Arthur theme. The castle/church idea came about because i thought it would be helpful having source material on your doorstep.

The things i would do differently would be to maybe nominate a leader, i got the feeling i sort of had that role because i would always ask questions about what was happening with the project, who was doing what for when and what the team had to accomplish. Although i wish that we had the scheduling lecture earlier on as i think that would have been a great help. I usually just write little to do lists but don't think far enough ahead. Maybe if we had done this Matt would have been able to do his animation on top of the footage so we would know what needs to be done before he can start working on that.
I would set myself targets and actually stick to them instead of letting them slide, but again the scheduling would let me see how that would affect me later in the project.

What could i improve upon?
I would have liked to ave spent more time on camera moves and understood filmic language, as a want to be animator i feel i should certainly understand the basics.
I would have liked to have experimented with textures maybe by making crazy things, scanning them into the computer and applying them to my bump map, i forget not everything has to be made on a computer, i miss that practical side of getting stuck in, also i miss that about a sketch book for submission. I didn't really exceed in the lighting either, but i feel that i know what the basic capabilities are for each one and that i can build on that knowledge in the future.

What do i think i worked well on?
I really like some of the camera shots i came up with for the dock scene, before the final render we see in this post. The light gave the warmth and i could see how it should all fall together.
Also i was quite surprised at how simple i found it to model and texture the scene, i only found difficulty with the prophecy because of the images and using a bump, i would have liked to have made it look like a tapestry.

Overall i did enjoy the project but wish it could have come together more, i feel i lost my motive part way through as we as a group couldn't finalize on an idea, i wanted to make sure it had a purpose and i would have liked to take the Rochester Cathedral up on their co-operation for modeling the Cathedral in its stages. I'm already thinking what i would liek to focus on next term whether animating, modeling ect. I think this project has let me explore more with modeling an environment, but i do miss animating.

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