Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Rendered out tests.

Here are just some rendered tests from maya to get a feel for the camera moves in action.

Love this shot as the lighting looks awesome when moving past the pillars.

For the side shot i think this needs to be longer which i could do in AE, the picture though shows what look we get with hayleys boat in and the water.. although we need to figure out how to control the shader intensity for the light as in my opinion it just burns the scene, it's not subtle creepy.. it's to much.

The boat coming into the dock, the camera needs to continue a bit further to the dock where it ends, so that we're ready for the next shot line up..

This shot i need to try rendering out so that there is only the torch light bobbing about as we watch it approach the plinth before lighting.

The fire light shot may work better with Hayleys fire because mine is rather smokey, we have thought to combine the two and see what comes of it..

The exit scene i think is all well.

I have given Hayley the file to work on so she can add her fire and boat to the scene and tinker away with that.. meanwhile.. i have nothing really more to do for this project today until it's time to help render out or composit.
As far as i know i believe that Sam will be working on the camera movements in the main castle scene.

When that's done i will write my everlasting evaluation of this project.

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