Friday, 5 March 2010

The end of the day..

I haven't blogged the past two days as i've been working on this project and the industry exercise project.

Basically whats been going on is explained a little in the facebook. By the end of Thursday we as a group worked on what camera shots were needed on a list and then me and hayley created the camera sets and sent them to the team. Which we had then all taken certain cameras away to render out for Friday, ready to composite and hand in. However, i failed to put my mind in gear and ask the question as to how many frames needed to be rendered on each and to make sure the team kenw to edit the cameras themselves, me and hayley just placed basic cameras.

Come Friday morning, Matt and i had taken the same file and i had not understood why my render wasn't working with the light as it came out as below..

I checked that the project was set and all the smaller things it could have been, in the long run i believe it was a corrupt file where i ended up having to re create the lights. Sam had mentioned that problem but it failed to reach my ears as i was working away.

So that's what backed up the possible progress we would have made friday on compositing, however i think the castle scenes were overlooked for camera moves. I drew some rough boards for the dock but left the castle for the rest of the group to work on.

So i as Matt and i had un-rendered cameras we had to spend the time in the day rendering out the cameras properly, whilst i was still working on the other project too. We managed to get the rendered scenes in the end and i added to Sams rough composite of the castle renders to the dock entrance.

I will post the evaluation and the final composited footage in the next post.

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