Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Shot List

Just to confirm what i am doing, i will rough out a quick story board perhaps but i am feeling confident and clear on what i need from this shot list.

Shot List*
-Begins with a book, few illustrations, and sound of Arthur paddling in on the boat, tight shots.
- Establishing shot illustration of castle from low view point
- Through cave tunnel entrance - nice lighting from boat lantern FRONT
- Side boat and pillar shot
- Boat heading to moore - BEHIND
- Pan low from boat to behind pillar as we see the light looking at the prophecy, and turns to light fire
- Low on fire shot which burns in front of Arthur and has the prophecy in the background, Arthur turns
- Side on shot showing Arthur looking at Prophecy, camera more aimed on prophecy.
- Camera pans side ways and forward a little whilst Arthur heads up the staircase

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