Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Fire Volume Light

To cover the way i have lit my scene, i have used a volume light, changed its 'light shape' from a sphere to a cylinder so that i could control where the light would hit. I changed the colour of the light to an orange which sets the glow on the scene. For the shadows i put on the 'Ray Trace Shadows' to make it less grainy, also by turning on 'Final Gathering' in the mental ray render settings.

Before Ray Trace Shadows

With Ray Trace Shadows and Final Gathering.

So i'm thinking for the boat light as it's coming into the dock to use a sphere for the light shape so that it hits more of the scene, whereas if i used a cylinder shape the light doesn't illuminate the scene enough to get the perspective i wanted.

Below is the volume light set to cover the whole room

With the volume light scaled smaller to the room we can see the drastic effects.

I have used the volume light for lighting the steps leading up to Andi's section and also for the light cast from the torch when looking at the prophecy bit.

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