Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Storyboard Cave/Dock

So after my shot list i quickly drew some storyboards which i have numbered and i will annotate accordingly.

1. Arthur and paddle, book illustration
2. Arthur character shot from the front, book illustration
3. Castle illustration.
4. Behind the plinth shot to see the boat coming in past gate.
5. Low boat shot, where camera moves left as the boat in moving right -opposite.
6. From behind the boat as we're coming in to moor.

7 & 8 - Low pan shot from boat height, pans around behind the pillar and onto plinth as the light bobble's to the plinth.
9. Close up as the fire is lit and we see the prophecy covered over in the background.
10. Character walks forward to prophecy - camera still from behind fire.
11. Camera cuts to side shot showing character face and prophecy.
12. Camera then tracks from same shot as it follows the light, to up the stairs.

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