Thursday, 14 January 2010

What type of style?

Ok so i just cottoned on to the fact i haven't put forward what styles are going to be my inspiration.

Loving the exaggerated surreal look on this building, i could easily do this by manipulating photographs in photoshop to help me distort the environment a little.

Prague, Czech Republic
Buildings by Frank Gehry ^^

Just another example of a distorted building ^^

The photo's below are existing buildings.

Built in Sopot, Poland 2004, this is an addition to a shopping center.

WonderWorks, Florida.
This is an upside down house attraction

Happy Rizzi House, Braunschweig
Designed by James Rizzi

This house has nothing normal or conventional about it, totally beveled.

Just throwing around some ideas, the above shot combines illustration with photography so maybe that could have a nice look for when i texture my models.. combining traditional and 3d.

The two photos below are porcelain plates which have been shaped to create an exaggerated perspective.

The first plate i chose to look at because at a quick glance i got the idea with those black red and blue colours, they reminded me of maybe branches stretching and reaching out and grabbing something

With the second plate I'm liking how wonky and surreal everything looks.

I should look more into the Surrealist movement Dalli and also maybe Escher who deals with the craziness of perspective. However i wouldn't want to go to his extreme so i could subtly adopt the winding stairs ect.

If i can work towards applying what i have posted on this blog into the ruins and photo's taken at Rochester i could have something a bit odd and different.

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