Thursday, 21 January 2010

Drawings and Roles

Ok so we have another member to our group now being Matt. He's more of a 2d guy so in our environment project he will be animating a character and other props. To keep our scene consistent with the animated character/props, Matt will also be drawing the final concepts from everyones drawings to keep the consistency of the environment.

Team Roles
Matt - Final Concepts, Character Design and animation, Storyboards

Hayley - Modelling props/ Rain/Water/Weather/Final Animation

Sam - Organic Modelling/ Texturing

Lydia - Lighting/Texturing/Modelling Arches/Walls/Windows/Castle Ruins

Andi - Modelling Castle/Texturing/Water Fountain

I'm not amazingly happy that we have to split roles becuase i wanted to have a little go at everything on a small environment for my self like Bare Bear last year. Though as the two other group members want to have an individual roles i wont get to explore the roles.

Project Themes
Even though i've been researching two possible ideas whilst waiting for the group to get together, i will be using the castle shots and i still want to go ahead with something on the trees and roots.

As a group we came up with the following themes -

Ruins of keeps/ Little Castle
Island surrounded by water- foreboding
Spiraling steps
2d character
Boat area
So with the areas i'm focussing on here are some rough drawings of how i can see the scene

The top drawing is of a long staircase with tree's arching over the top restricting light making it rather foreboding.

The second drawing is an attempt to have a winding path leading down through a crumbling arch door.

The photo doesn't show up the lines very well, but the main part i would like to use is the crumbling steps spiraling down to the dock/ boat area. The steps lead up to a little circle room which then leads up onto the main ruins of the castle area shown partly below..

So after going up the stairs and through this ruined part of castle.. the section on the right is for the fountain ect..

We have definitely decided that we are having castle ruins on a mound of land surrounded by water. I think this would be cooler if it was on the top of a cliff face on the coast like some photos i've sourced below.

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