Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Star Wars - Clone Wars Series

Thinking ahead for texturing purposes i read about how the textures were created and how the man in charge used to work on the photo-realistic ILM films.


"We’re about 80 percent of the detail [of the live action], relying on painterly brushstrokes for surface details."

I painted, like a painting in Photoshop, with streaky lines and beautiful wispy ethereal formations of color, resembling what would happen if you squirt milk into water.

"I painted a whole bunch of small little textures with my stylized way of drawing to kind of make it look like art. A real quick kind of gouache, goopy paint look, which is kind of the look of the show."

The rooster tail effect can be seen behind and under the speeder bikes from the episode "Trespass"

The two images below show the nice textures painted on their characters from Clone Wars series. I will be needing to keep an eye out and experimenting with more brushes to get the feel of what i want for the brick arches.

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