Friday, 22 January 2010

A play in photoshop

So last year i bought a graphics tablet which i've never properly used.. so i thought that this would be a good time to get it out :)

So here are a few concepts i've done today just to work from.

First attempt so just getting the hang of different brushes.

I then figured out how to upload brushes into photoshop so thats where this brick texture came in.. doesn't look very generic because the brick doesn't work with the perspective. I'm sure that with some more work i could make it happen.

I like the idea that the ruin is on a cliff/coast so the impression of being so high you cannot see the horizon line from in the sky.

Nice entrance arch i used the rochester photos for help and implemented my own idea of a ruin here.

Again with the Rochester photos i liked the idea of having arches and pooring light in our environment so i thought to open up the bricked arches.

For todays work i'm happy with my looking at arches and brick, although i would liek to create an orthographic view of the castle i see in mind.

Until then i will be working on my contextual and post production.

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