Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Season - Winter

As we're doing a season each i have taken on Winter and so i've done a little mind map from what comes into my mind for Winter.

Winter -
Lose horizon line in the snow/ faint
Snow Flakes
Crunching sound of snow
Glowing lights
Baron Landscape
Bare Trees
Quiet - Eerie

Films to take a note of which relate to winter -
Harry Potter - Half Blood Prince
Happy Feet
Kingdom of Heaven

When i thought of Narnia my mind got thinking to look at ice sculptures and found out about ice festivals, so here's what i found inspiring -

Awesome how the tree tops act as the pillars to the ice cave, really nice simplified shapes.

Lovely hanging icicles off the branches and i love the silhouetted outlines as the tree is being consumed by ice! Could work nicely to bring in from another environment season with the group.

I just think this scene is nicely lit

might be a good idea to have iced over trees creating archways

The silhouettes again.. but cool reflection in the water

mainly because its wonderfully lit ice sculpture, thats the cool thing with ice is i noticed from other pictures that you can just go crazy with lighting and colour. Love the spirals and little balls which remind me of fruit.. could do like the colour of a juicey apple frozen over so it will emit a red glow.. random throwing of ideas.

Lovely twisting vines, a ruin wouldn't be neatly kept. I think im wanting to produce a little magic land at this rate.

From the Ice Hotel just looking at construction and transparency.

Frozen water off a rock

Crazy little frozen water feature, though i believe Andi wants to do a water fountain so i could maybe take this into having maybe a sculpture in my area?

So after this icy look i will now be thinking and designing how to bring together the landscape ruins with the ice/snow however i am liking the idea of just having an icy world in my part.. maybe i have the transition from the other seasons into my winter scene and i can have normal parts too.

wacky weird and wonderful.

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