Monday, 11 January 2010

Sourcing out some more inspiration

Ok so i've just been speaking with Andi and we are now aiming to produce an environment showing the passing of time or seasons.
Thinking away i thought maybe about how we design an environment which we can create for a character to walk through which takes us on our journey through the seasons or time. So this character is going to have to maybe do something with will cause the change? for example maybe he/she plays with a switchboard and each switch will control the environments mood/theme/season/time in history. Or perhaps this character is walking into different rooms where as he/she opens a door its into another environment. Although this reminds me of some work by the previous second years, They had created a bear character and using a wardrobe and once in side the wardrobe the character would open the door to leave and be in a different environment, maybe kind of like Narnia. Even so i thought it was well thought out and they managed to deliver the project brief needs.

Rough ideas. However still sticking in with the research from my previous blog im going to source out some ruins to visit in the UK. Also i will be wanting to reference towards some films and stuff to get more of a rounded idea.

So some more places heading more towards using the idea of ruins

Rochester Castle

Really loving the angle and the detail on the arches top.

Dramatic lighting

Bayham Abbey - Frant East Sussex
Checked this and its only one hour on the train and cheapest ticket costing £7.45

I'm liking the idea of free standing bits here and there maybe a chance to use some strong lighting.

The two pictures of the tree on the stone i think looks pretty cool the way it is breaking through.


Loving the arch ways

Eltham Palace

What beautiful strong colours and contours of the ceiling in Eltham Palace

Has a nice perspective

I'm not sure where this top one is in the world but i'm liking it.

Ok so there are some more location ideas ontop of the previous blog post.

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