Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Concept Update

Ok so after a long day of talking and trying to come up with a final concept we hope to eventually move onto modeling the basic structure so everyone can crack on.

The four of us were also talking about reforming a new layout, and after much development we ended up refining our design for something that works, for each section isn't just there for the sake of it.

Also Matt came in with some really cool concept ideas such as a castle hand or a castle boat, i would have loved to have gone and explored these concepts. Although i personally felt a bit nervous about how much time there is left to change majority of our planning now.

I'm not sure if i have mentioned also that matt is doing 2d character animation on top of our 3d environment, this idea came on when i came across this video before Matt joined our group.


We first began with a rough model of three tiers before reaching the inside of the castle. The three tiers are ;
tier 1 - a dock boat area for where the character will enter the environment.
tier 2 - fountain and tree before reaching castle ruins
tier 3 - castle ruins

The tiers are linked by winding crumbled stairs which i will be modeling as well as the first tier (the dock area).

This is a really rough model of the three tiers to help the team visualize what's where (modeled by Sam)

My voiced issue to the group about having three tiers was that with our timescale is it too much for only 6 weeks left. So we thought about just having two tiers.
Tier 1 - dock
Tier 2 - Castle ruins/tree/fountain

We have moved the fountain and tree into the centre of the castle, making it the attraction for the character in the environment and our viewing audience.

This idea for the two tiers got us thinking about what is important in our environment, so we sourced advice from Dan Dalli. Dan was saying how you shouldn't just have something in the environment for no reason, also that we needed to decide whether our character was discovering the environment, and how he/she interacts with the environment. Dan also said how everyone does basic fly-through of their environment for submission.

Story - orb and character.. leads us to top

NIGHT moon

So after much deliberating we ended up with a floor plan like this..

We kept two tiers on being the dock, which leads up a stair case round the castle outside walls, we enter a little room before entering the main castle ruin. This will work up some suspense for whats inside.. the glowing orbs around this tree/fountain.

I took the initiative to work on this floor plan just tweaking bits as i would like them.

I gave the staircase a jagged look and also like a little platform before entering the door into the room before the main of the castle.

Also i un-evened out the top of the castle ruin

And from the inside view the stairs wind down but don't remain touching the floor.

The rough plot is that some one is exploring the ruins as they are attracted to this glow coming from inside the ruin walls (the tree and fountain). He/she wanders around, crouching and peeping round corners to interact with the environment.
Not forgetting the use of SOUND to draw our attention, and also the use of lighting.
The character is in aura of this place which give's us chance to work out some camera shots showing off the environment.

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