Wednesday, 13 January 2010

We have now got a group of four including myself, Hayley, Andi and Sam.

We have also been discussing who can do what in the project and we're taking to the idea that we all do a bit of everything, so we would have our own section to model, texture and light for the different seasons and part of the environment.

Also when talking with Andi we thought it best that we use the character to take us on a journey through the seasons and space in the scene to give the scene a little narrative.

This illustration i think best explains the style I'd like to re create in a 3d environment.
I love how the buildings are curved and kind of have a surrealist look. This drawing is for Diagon Alley in Harry Potter, i think what makes it appealing is the colour palette and the little details as there's a lot going on.

I just liked the arch way in the illustration above really.

This is an illustration done of Canterbury's Norman Staircase, i really like the roof and columns.

The two places me and Andi are hopefully visiting tomorrow are in Rochester
being Rochester Castle and Cathedral.



The other top place we'd like to visit is Canterbury which is further out from Rochester so maybe if there's enough time we can hit both in one day. Although i imagine that wont happen with the amount of daylight hours in winter!

Canterbury Norman Castle

Canterbury St Augustine's Cathedral

The window arches look pretty cool for a strong use of lighting

I like the free standing pillars because i can imagine using this in the environment for our little character to be walking around maybe.

Some other random bits i have seen on the internet whilst hunting about for ruins in and around London.

Ruins of Holyrood Chapel

I think this was a cool abandoned manor or something.. rather foreboding!

Nothing special about this ruin really..

Loving the textures and composition of these stairs!!

Just another shot showing nature taking back the existence of man.

Ok i then stumbled across looking at abandoned buildings and apparently is quite a hot pick for some photographers.

Just looking at this i thought that the formation of the arches kind of look like a face.. so maybe that'd be a cool take on things.


My favorite has to be Slumpy! Possibly the colours and how its all falling in on its self. This house was probably cool before this anyway as i love the little porch, kind of tower on the right andthe little attic window at the top of the house.

So next awaiting primary source photos from canterbury and rochester, from this i'll hopefully be sorted with enough reference material to get cracking on with some concept work towards my part of the environment :)

good times.

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