Saturday, 9 January 2010


Ok so due to the weather i have been stuck in Lincolnshire so thought whilst getting groups sorted, I'll get on with some research of what I'd like to try for digital environment. As I'm not going on the Barcelona trip I'm thinking to get some inspiration from my doorstep, which involves me traveling about and sketching, photographing and observing architecture of good old England.

I asked my parents if they could name some historic towns as a place to start which i have listed here;


Loving the little windows, the colours and how i can imagine what it'd be liek to go throught that front door, creaky, the smell of musky wooden stairs.

York - the shambles

Really loving the lighting in this shot and how everything is creeping into the composition and how its like a little cove.

Stamford - and Burghley house

In Stamford the whole town is build with stone which is pretty cool.

I like how grand this is and the spires and this above picture is part of the courtyard from Burghley House.



I like how the buildings all layer up and say a window is built out. Sort of reminds me of the castle in Howls Moving Castle, how Howl expands his home to accommodate.


Love love love the distortion of this sloping bulding and its pointy thatched roof top


This castle has a cool moat around its ruins, probably like any ruined castle really.

Lincoln Cathedral and Bailgate

Couldn't get a cool photo off the internet of the cathedral as it has this really cool bit round the back which is all magical, hard to explain.


I like the idea of maybe using the alleyway tunnel idea in a little village or something


Durham - Castle and Cathedral

Looks quite nice next to the water all facing outward.

So the things i'm picking out on has to be little old historic houses on tight streets all cramped together with variation of style, sloping and tall buildings. This is just what i had in mind as somewhere to start.

From Fraser's Layout lecture last year i remember him saying you want to make your scene exciting and inviting.. like if there's a door, what could you imagine to be through that door? what would it smell like? what sort of people live there?
These questions which are important to not forget (as I've just remembered it!) because this is what you will be wanting the audience to be thinking.

I will next be posting up artists and photographers which will be my inspiration!

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