Friday, 5 February 2010

Dock Designs

I have been stuck on what to do for this design but now i have talked it through with the group on what could make this a more interesting as a starting point to our story. So what's important to be shown in this area is that there is a place to tie the boat up, the philosophy/tapestry on the wall undecided whether about King Arthur or Excalibur, Maybe muddle both ideas. Then finally the entrance arch to the stairs that Andi is modelling.

Hayley thought of using the scenes from the film version of Phantom of the Opera and from the pictures she posted on the team blog i have chosen the ones i am most influenced by;

This is the best solution for the dock part, its nothing big and spectacular which is great, this entrance to the castle isn't meant for lots of travellers, this island is only for Arthur to claim the sword.

The team likes the idea of having a gate in the rock idea, this could look cool but it's not my main focus, maybe an added extra.

I like the width of this alley/corridor and the thin steps.

Maybe the part where the boat has the steps to get off onto the land, we have this arching roof above and the platform in the picture above will be where the steps are for the boat to moor in between.

Torches and lighting
When thinking how to introduce lighting into the room i could have Arthur walking around looking about with his torch or the castle could already be pre-lit. However if i want Arthur to pay attention to the tapestry as opposed to just walking through and up the stairs, i thought about using the idea of where you light the oil and the whole room is rigged up to carry the flame light around him and through to the next room and up the stairs of andi's. This will allow us to watch him investigate the pictures on the walls which bring us into the story and why he is here.

National Treasure shows what i mean by lighting, the way it unveils the room as the flames travel through which is shown about half way through that video clip.

I have tried to illustrate the way i can see this room coming together however i don't know whether to have the tapestry on the wall in the main bit or in the little corridor.

The plinth in the middle is lit by Arthur placing his torch inside then the flames travel down under the floor which is why its glowing, and then around the walls.

This drawing shows the idea like the Phantom of the Opera having the arches support the ceiling, i thought it looked cooler than just going from outside open cliff top to ceiling. We could go through the gate and see this. There are just torches on the wall, if the castle was pre-lit already it'd be simple to do, show the tapestry's either side about Arthur and straight up into andi's stairs heading into the castle.

Preliminary sketches

Mainly just working through how to position the room and why it would be positioned that way, what do i need to be as a main focus of the layout.

The idea that the dock was separate to the main castle, and we had to go up spiral steps to get onto the main dock platform.

This sketch just shows how i meant Arthur gets into the dock area, the open top cliffs towering around him leading him to the room.

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