Friday, 26 February 2010

Fluid Fire

So meanwhile i was just looking for tutorials on how to light my scene in a fire way.
I need to think of the different way's fire moves..

Towards the end of this video we get fire on top of a dish/plinth. So i found the tutorial to have a little look at how it lights the scene whether it gives 'that' look.
Below are some shots of me creating the flame using dynamics>fluid effects>create 3d container, and then fiddled about with all sorts of settings.

So after tweaking settings i added a volume light to act as the light from the fire. I used a volume light and changed the light shape to a cylinder so i can control where the light hits in the room. also changed the light colour to an orange glow, the lihgt is placed where the fire is.

The photo below is just using the volume light with a low intensity.

Here by upping the volume light intensity we get to see the room, though not the stairs through the door.

One thing i want to play with some more if i have the time is to maybe figure out how to animate the light so that it isn;t static when the fire is flickering. I am thinking maybe to set the light to an infinity and animating the light intensity to a flicker but this might look pretty tacky. Also the flame needs to be faster, and in the video at the top of this post there is a way to light the whole top of the fire plinth, this is by selecting both the 3d container and the fire plinth object, add/edit contents>emit from object

I was trying to play ith the flame here to make it less puffy looking. Not very successful.

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