Thursday, 11 February 2010

The concept into CG

Just to clarify these are the drawings by Matt which i first began to work from, however there wasn't enough detail or much or an introduction to our story through these drawings so i went on to make me own.

My drawings inspired by the Rochester Cathedral ceiling, National Treasure for the lighting and the steps from Phantom of the Opera, Hayley has designed the boat so i've just drawn it in for scale purposes.

So from the two images i drew for the dock I have coupled the sections of designs i think worked well after talking with the group. To get an idea of what i am looking for i have mocked up a model together in maya.

I have combined the centre plinth for light in the first drawing and its cropping of the platform b the walls either side. The sections from the second drawing i like the ceiling supports, and the way the arch to Andi's steps curves round as opposed to having a hall like the previous drawing. That then decides that the tapestry/prophecy is in the main room for Arthur to look at.

Modeling the room

Starting with what is sure to be in the scene is modeling the dock, pretty simple as i mirrored the steps and modeled them around to fit the oval platform.

The next stage was to model the fire plinth in the centre of the room, so when Arthur is out of the boat he knows to go light this and it will be our lighting for the room to see the art on the walls.
I thought it looked more tasteful to have steps up to the plinth and it keeps with the design for the rest of the castle, steps seem to be the thing.

I thought to then model the ceiling support, just to get a rough idea I quickly made a cave-like area around the dock to get a feel of the perspective i was getting. In my top view we can see the over all shape and to heighten the feel for perspective i made the columns narrower as we are further back. I liked the idea for having the ceiling support being more like the arches on Rochester Cathedral as it fits in with the design of arches around the castle. I had trouble thinking about how to do this but i have the idea that if i use the doorway arch and mirror it on top of itself i might get the look im gunning for.

The back wall and arch needed to be modeled in so i just duplicated the floor and deleted certain faces so i can have the wall fit the floor scale.

By adding edge loops and moving the vertices i was able to position my arch into place.

The next part was to just roughly add where the story is going to e told onto the walls. i liek the idea of it being inset and then the stone has been placed there to tell the story, mostly likely to be painted on and then i can control that the end part is rubbed out. Just to quickly add here that Andi had a nice thought that as we begin the story we have it like an old story book and then at the end the picture or Arthur with the sword turns into a painting and as we zoom out its then a section in the book.

Top View

Side View

Front View

Things i need to add to the model
- Patio with bend deformer for dock floor so model different sized of individual blocks, maybe the same with the wall?
- Ceiling support, duplicate arches mirror on top of one another rotate 90 soi get the Rochester idea look
Other bits
Test moon lighitng tutorial
Plot out pictures for story and styled design, then try out with painted textures.

Just to show i have thought of maybe adding ringed arches around placed half in the walls or the dock room, and to use these around the castle, maybe on Andi's stairway?

Duplicated Arches

Duplicated arches with bend deformer

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